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Drops & Wins
for Live Casino
Prize pool: NZ$820,000

29.06.22 – 27.07.22

Prize pool NZ$820,000

This is the next promotion period of Drops & Wins, from week 21 to 24. A new exciting list of games has been hand-picked to be taken on by all players, with a ginormous prize pool of NZ$1,600,000!

Tournament terms and conditions

  1. Stage 6 runs between:

    ⤞ Week 21: 29.06.22, 19:01 (CEST) – 06.07.22, 18:59 (CEST)
    ⤞ Week 22: 06.07.22, 19:01 (CEST) – 13.07.22, 18:59 (CEST)
    ⤞ Week 23: 13.07.22, 19:01 (CEST) – 20.07.22, 18:59 (CEST)
    ⤞ Week 24: 20.07.22, 19:01 (CEST) – 27.07.22, 18:59 (CEST)
  2. Tools:

    ⤞ Prize Drops will run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays (These days may vary due to time zone differences).

    ⤞ The Daily Blackjack Prize Drop will run every day only on selected Blackjack tables.

    ⤞ The Mega Drop will run on Fridays and Saturdays (These days may vary due to time zone differences).
  3. Minimum bet requirements:

    ⤞ Prize Drops: NZ$1,6

    ⤞ Mega Drops: NZ$8,2

    ⤞ Daily Blackjack Prize Drops: NZ$40
  4. How to participate:

    ⤞ A player must join or opt-in in any of the participating games/tables.

    ⤞ A player must place a Qualifying Bet on any participating game(s)/tables of the Prize Drop/Mega Drop/Daily Blackjack Prize Drop.

    ⤞ Any Qualifying Bet placed on any of the participating games may trigger one (1) random prize from the prize pool during the promotion period.
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