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Grand Holidays
Round V

7 days
Minimum bet:

Now that we have chosen our King of Beers, it’s time to fill the royal treasury! Everyone who partakes in the Treasure Hunt gets to stake their claim on the €15,000 prize pool!

No need to grab a shovel! Get to GetSlots and dig it in Round 5, which would last from 29.09, 02:00 until 07.10, 01:59 (CEST)!

Games in this tournament
  1. Treasure Hunt Round 5 will take place between 29.09.22, 02:00 and 07.10.22, 01:59 (CEST).
  2. The prize pool for Round 5 is: €15,000.
  3. 10% of the score each player gains during each tournament round will be collected as credit points and added to the Player’s score in the final round (Round 19).
  4. The minimum qualifying bet per spin to participate in the tournament is €0.2.
  5. If the minimum qualifying bet is not available on one of the participating games, the closest higher bet amount shall constitute the minimum qualifying bet for that game.
  6. The tournament is available during real-money play only.
  7. If two or more players have the same number of points at the end of each round, the player who reached the ranking first will be ranked higher.
  8. General Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.
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